Signing contract丨Hongli Zhihui and Nanchang Airport Economic Zone jointly promote the implementation of the "National Science and Technology Progress Award First Prize" achievement transform

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On December 10, Hongli Zhihui Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hongli Zhihui") Signed a cooperation agreement with the Nanchang Airport Economic Zone (Ganjiang New Area Airport Group) in Nanchang for the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award Achievement Transformation Project. Xu Haibo, member of the Party Working Committee of Nanchang Economic Development Zone, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Nanchang Comprehensive Protection Zone , Li Guoping, Chairman of Hongli Zhihui, Li Jundong, Director and President of Hongli Zhihui, Jia Hechao, Vice Chairman and Vice President of Hongli Zhihui, Zhang Luhua, General Manager of Smed Semiconductor, and Min Qingyuan and Yin Yong, members of the leadership of Linkong Economic Zone Wait for the signing event.


In January this year, Hongli Zhihui and a number of units jointly completed the "Key to High Luminous Efficiency and Long Life Semiconductor Lighting" "Technology and Industrialization" project won the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award. The project not only successfully solved the key problems of low electro-optical conversion rate, poor reliability, and lack of standards for semiconductor lighting, but also achieved the world's largest industrialization of LED chip technology and localization of core devices, which is a milestone in the development of the LED lighting industry. Meaning.


According to the cooperation content signed by both parties, Hongli Zhihui will use its wholly-owned subsidiary--Shenzhen Si Mide Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Smide Semiconductor"), as the main body of the implementation of the industrial transformation of the “Key Technologies and Industrialization of High-efficiency and Long-life Semiconductor Lighting”, the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, continues to be based in China. Main business of high-end semiconductor packaging. The total investment of the signed and settled project is not less than 1.2 billion yuan. The construction is divided into two phases, with an investment of no less than 600 million yuan in the first phase. The main production content is high luminous efficiency white light, high color rendering/high color gamut backlight, flip-chip products, UV LED packaging and smart modules. After the first phase reaches production The production capacity of high-efficiency LED packaging and smart modules will reach approximately 45 billion.


For this contracted project, Smed Semiconductor will use Nanchang Airport Economic Zone as its main R&D and production base, based on Mid-to-high-end LED products, focusing on the six areas of high luminous efficiency white light, high color rendering/high color gamut backlight, flip-chip products, UV, LED, DOB modules and LBAR light bars, and gradually build a complete LED industry chain for downstream Customers provide the most competitive LED packaging products. The company will also strive to achieve a win-win situation for both corporate and social benefits, and contribute to the development of Nanchang Airport Economic Zone!  

"National Science and Technology Progress Award First Prize" achievement transformation project successfully landed, It is another major move taken by Hongli Zhihui to focus on the semiconductor packaging sector, which is of positive significance for the company to create scale and cost advantages, maintain industry technology leadership and global leadership in mid-to-high-end white light LED packaging. In the future, Hongli Zhihui will continue to strengthen the layout of new technologies and applications such as Mini/Micro LED, VCSEL, plant lighting, UV LED, etc., strive to promote the industrialization of advanced technologies, integrate and improve the LED industry chain, and enhance the company's LED industry The company’s business scale and market share will further enhance the company’s profitability and core competitiveness. For a long time, Hongli Zhihui has always adhered to the road of technological innovation, driven by innovation to drive the high-quality development of the enterprise, and contributed more to the promotion of the transformation and upgrading of the domestic semiconductor lighting industry and the world!

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